Tips for Safety for Motorcycle Riders #4

Active safety: Watch your condition (and your motorcycle's) Of course, you make sure your motorcycle is working properly: it shouldn't give you nasty surprises when you are underway, the brake pads shouldn't be worn out, the lights should be working, the tire pressure should be right, etc. But accidents caused by motorcycle defects hardly occur. Your own condition That means that it is very important that you: keep yourself in good shape eat in time (especially important on a long trip!) drink in time (the same, and especially important in hot weather) observe whether you are (too) tired keep yourself comfortable (dry, not too hot, not too cold) are not hungover, there will still be alcohol in your brain don't be drunk or high don't be on powerful or affecting medication don't ride with the flu and be very careful even with a head cold forget about all your everyday or not so everyday problems This might seem superfluous to say, but many people forget how important these issues are. Especially the last item is often overlooked! Think about the reward when you keep that item in mind: it gives you the bonus of being there, in a Zen-like way, of being a motorcycle rider and nothing else.

Tips for Safety for Motorcycle Riders #4

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