My nerves are getting in the way of my riding

Hello everyone, I am looking for any tips, words of wisdom and most of all encouragement I can find as far as "getting over my nerves" is concerned. I recently passed my motorcycle course and was eager to get out on my own bike and continue practicing my skills. I had purchased a gsxr 750 before finishing my course knowing full well it was a large and powerful bike but feeling confident in my ability to control the bike not having to use all the power if I didnt want to...the first couple of days I did very well transitioning, I did mostly easy stuff up and down he driveway, balancing, stopping, friction point, friction zone.. Now I've upgraded to a big parkinglot now and am starting to add throttle and shifting and feel myself getting overwhelmed, and starting to blank on the easy stuff. I know practice makes perfect but I just feel like my nerves are taking over. In no way do I want to give up on myself or the bike I guess i just need confirmation that it gets easier.

My nerves are getting in the way of my riding

Site: her-motorcycle.com



I bought my girlfriend a 07 gsxr750 and she promptly broke her leg the first ride.... Ouch

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