Monster 696 for a 4'11" rider?

I'm actually doing some research for my wife, who has recently become a big Ducati fan. We recently bought our first new Ducati. She surprised me by sneaking around and taking care of everything to buy us a brand new 2013 Monster 1100EVO 20th Anniversary (#75 of 200). We both love the bike and as much as she loves riding on it with me, she's starting to ache to get her own and learn to ride. She loves the look of the Monster 696, and I'm starting to look into how to make it best fit her. She's only around 4'11", so I worry about her being able to hold the bike up, as well as riding comfort. I was hoping to get some opinions from women close to her height, as to what I might need to do to prep a bike for her when we buy one. I've considered getting the lowered height seat, possibly a new set of bars, possibly lower the suspension just a tad, and if need be look into a new set of levers to accommodate her smaller hands. I'd really like some ideas as to what I could do to help get her onto a Monster, and into the world of motorcycles. site:her-motorcycle

Monster 696 for a 4'11" rider?


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